How to Improve Business Security

Is Your Business Safe and Secure Enough?

Business owners may think their security needs are met once they install a video camera or alarm system. While this equipment is a good starting point, you must continuously gauge your business’s security strength to keep assets and employees safe.

Where to start with business security

Businesses face a slew of security concerns, ranging from theft to employee safety to information security. Whether you’re considering your business’ security for the first time or re-evaluating your current system, start with a strategy that balances deterrence, detection and documentation. When implemented together, you’ll be able to proactively prevent crime, as well as mitigate damages should a situation arise.

Physical security measures in business, can include biometric or bar coded door locks, security personnel, alarm systems, video surveillance and restricted access areas. 

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Invest in surveillance cameras with remote access.

This gives you the luxury of being able to monitor what occurs within your company even if you are not there all the time. Surveillance cameras also help to deter unlawful actions in the workplace while simultaneously giving you the option of having everything recorded should the need ever arise.

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Make sure that the locks on your doors are secure.

Upgrade to high-security locks that are resistant to most forms of unlawful entry and damage. In the case of high-traffic doors and those that are susceptible to damage, it is best to make use of mortise locks.

Put a security plan in place.

If you, as the customer, have a maintenance plan in place you’ll help reduce avoidable false alarms and potentially costly replacements of security equipment before their time.

Contract an installer.

The expertise a knowledgeable installer can offer is invaluable – they will be able to make sure systems are up-to-date, false alarms are quickly addressed and issues are dealt with before they compromise your site’s security.

Regularly review technology in place.

This can be something your contracted security installer can help with. Technology in the security industry is always advancing and as a result, there may be a new product on the market that could enhance your security and offer further benefits.

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Check for site changes.

This is particularly important for larger sites. Anyone – from your facility manager to an individual employee – could make a change to your site that could pose a potential security risk.  Complete regular site checks so you’re aware of these changes and can report them to your security company if you believe they may become problematic.

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Look at what CCTV footage is captured.

Check what footage your remote monitoring station receives. This could provide insight on the level of detail you could obtain on intruders and throw up questions about whether your CCTV needs to be adjusted to help you achieve your security objectives.

Use signs to deter criminals.

Deter criminals from your site by clearly displaying CCTV signs. Although the yellow and black signs we’re all familiar with are a legal requirement, we would also highly recommend displaying signs stating that your CCTV is being monitored live by security professionals.


Monitor access.

Finally, consider whether it is worth introducing access control to your site. If there are many people coming and going, access control can give you peace of mind in knowing that only authorised individuals are accessing your premises.