Why Access Control Security Is Right For Your Business

Access control security is a door entry system using an alternative to a key and lock, such as cards, a scanner, fingerprints, audio or visual. In a situation where people are coming and going all of the time, access control security has a host of advantages over regular lock and key systems, and has already proven highly successful a variety of businesses throughout the country.

Easy to use - It’s actually trickier to fit a regular key in a regular lock than to open a door through access control security methods, security is also easier to maintain with access control over standard locks. Access control the settings are all decided by you and it is impossible for those with access to duplicate these as they can with a key.

Money saving - Once your initial investment is out of the way, access security is extremely cost effective. If one of your employees loses a key, you’ll need to change all the locks and keys to ensure security is maintained. Access Cards are simple and easy to manage, deactivate cards as and when required and activate cards for ongoing or temporary use.

Deterrent - Access control is a brilliant visual deterrent – not only are they extremely difficult to decipher if used correctly, but they can be used on every door within a building. Burglars will generally take the easy option, and in most cases, a door with access control is far too much hard work.

Safety - Access control systems give increased safety to your employees. Once set up, no one but your employees will be able to gain access into your building. This is especially vital if your business has money and/or valuable equipment on the premises, or if your staff work with children or vulnerable adults.

Integration - Some access control systems can double up as a clocking in/out system, replacing whatever system you currently have in place. Others can link up to an overall building system, meaning it will control lighting and other electrical equipment that is usually on a sensor, some access control systems will be able to ensure nothing is eating electricity and costing you more money than necessary.

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