December News Round Up

Happy New Year from all of us at Focus Complete Security. If your new year’s resolution is to make your home or business premises more secure, then we can help. First here’s a roundup of December’s action in the world of fire and intruder alarm security.


On 13th December, the University of Oxford became Surveillance Camera Code Compliant. This means they have achieved the Commissioner’s mark of certification for balancing the need for cameras in public places with the right of individuals to privacy. The university has installed almost 200 hundred cameras from the 6 they originally started with in 1990, and has shown a commitment to helping prevent and detect crime, and maintain a safe environment for everyone visiting. 

Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in 2017, the government commissioned a review by Dame Judith Hackitt to explore how we can move forward with robust regulations so that residents in high rise towers feel safe. This plan was officially implemented on 18th December, with support from the Fire Sector Federation (FSF), who endorsed the work being undertaken to improve fire safety. This is important news for anyone currently living in high rise buildings, and also for those currently managing these facilities or building them. 


On 21st December, Hampshire Police released this image of a man wanted in connection for theft from vehicles in Eastleigh. One thing highlighted here is the importance of CCTV security cameras in apprehending those who choose to live outside of the law. We all worry about safety and security from time to time, but the increasing use of images caught on home security systems and used by police in an effort to catch criminals demonstrates another reason why they are well worth the investment. Modern alarm and CCTV camera systems use the latest wireless technology, feature phone apps that allow you to see your property when you’re absent, and more than ever they offer peace of mind for the safety and security of your home or business.


Celebrity super couple David and Victoria Beckham revealed at the end of December that they’ve recently installed high grade security in and around their Cotswolds estate. After CCTV caught thieves attempting to place a ladder against their property to gain entry, the couple decided not to take any further chances. They’ve installed barbed wire on top of their perimeter fence and added a German Shepherd guard dog to their already impressive home security system.

Obviously we can’t all afford to live like the Beckhams, but we can all do our utmost to ensure our homes and our loved ones are as safe as possible. Get in touch with us for a free assessment of your security needs – and make 2019 the year you rest easy.