The Dark Night Rises

With the clocks going back and the darker evenings drawing in, this is the time that many business and home owners begin to worry about the possibility of burglary. Winter usually sees at least a 25% increase in burglary incidents in the UK, with the days between Halloween and Bonfire Night being a particular problem. 

While summer often sees a spike in opportunistic burglaries, when windows and doors may be left open, winter burglaries tend to be break-ins, and often when the occupants are out. In fact, most burglars prefer not to meet the occupants of the property they are targeting, so often pick houses that are dark, unsecure and unoccupied. 

Burglars themselves tell us that CCTV is the most effective deterrent in preventing crime. They also say that most burglars are opportunistic thieves, who wander the streets looking for unsafe premises, and they will avoid places that have obvious security features.

We offer comprehensive CCTV systems for both residential and business properties, with the added bonus of a smart phone app which allows you to check your property from wherever you are. CCTV doesn’t just deter criminals, it also helps the police to catch them and most importantly, it provides peace of mind. 

As well as CCTV, we can also provide a wide range of security alarm systems for both commercial and residential properties. Focus can design, install and maintain burglar alarm systems which can be monitored from an external Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), so you can relax and know your property is always in safe hands.

All of our CCTV and burglar alarm systems meet current insurance requirements and safety standards and allow us to offer our clients a flexible and bespoke installation. Our experts conduct a thorough risk and asset assessment of your property and then advise you on how you can best be protected.

Don’t lie in bed at night worrying about the security of your business or your home. Get in touch for a free quote on how we can help you focus on your unique needs. All our security services can be tailored to your individual requirements, and our team of experts can offer you solutions that can help you sleep soundly at night, knowing that your premises and your family are protected. We focus on your safety so that you don’t have to.